If you have questions, we have answers! The following section addresses the most frequently asked questions by our patients and the associated responses. Perhaps you can find what you are looking for!

Our treatment

Q: How long is the treatment duration?


Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes the spinal decompression treatment on the DRX9000® and a rehabilitation session on SpineForce®. The number of sessions is obviously determined by the particular condition of the patient, which is determined at the initial examination.

Q: Can I get similar treatment in other decompression clinics?


Zero Gravity ClinicsTM are the only ones to have developed a treatment protocole combining spinal decompression and muscle rehabilitation (NovodosTMTreatment) which has been successfully applied more than 225 000 times

Q: Should I dress in a particular way for the treatment?


It is recommended to wear fitting but flexible clothing covering arms and legs. Remember that the decompression sessions involve wearing harnesses and you must be comfortable to complete your muscular rehabilitation sessions.

Q: Is it better that I am accompanied during my treatments?


We strongly advise you to be accompanied by a relative during the transmission of the examination results (second visit), because this person is often involved in decision making and is better informed to support you during treatment thereafter. In addition, if possible, make sure to be accompanied when you come for your treatment because that person can help you if necessary (driving you back, for example).

Q: Can the treatments increase my pain or worsen my condition?


Although some theoretical and hypothetical risks may occur, rigorous triage of patients, full implementation of treatment and systematic follow-up of the care minimize potential trouble. Since the first application of NovodosTM Treatment in 2005, adverse effects have been reported, but they boil down mainly to muscular aches and moderate increase in original symptoms, which manifest themselves most of the time, on a temporary basis.

Q: Do we see results after the first treatment?


In some cases, yes. For others, it will take several treatments before noticing improvement. We even have patients who have continued to improve for weeks or months after the end of the treatment plan! Everything depends on your initial condition, your response to treatment and the rate at which your body heals. Having followed the treatment plan carefully or not and recommendations of your doctor is also an important factor in the progression of your care.

Your health

Q: Should I inform my treating physician that I am having spinal decompression treatment?


There is no obligation on your part, but we are strongly in favour of inter-professional collaboration. Moreover, when physicians refer patients we will send them several reports to keep them informed about the care progress. Your physician may, at any time, contact your doctor at the clinic for any questions or information.

Q: Should I limit my sports and activities while I’m in treatment?


Everything depends on your condition as well as sports and activities that you practise. Your doctor will give you personalized recommendations on this subject before starting treatments. 

Q: Should I have an MRI before coming for consultation with you?


Yes, or any other test allowing our doctors to have the most accurate picture possible of your spinal problem. If this is not the case, the doctor will send you to have one. Indeed, apart from the in-depth review that the doctor himself will conduct, he will base his conclusions (including your eligibility for care) based on these tests. They are, therefore, very important.


Q: What are the qualifications of your doctors?


Examinations and treatments are supervised by doctors in chiropractic as well as clinical assistants who have undergone rigorous training in decompression. If NovodosTM Treatment can help you, the Zero GravityTM health care professionals will tell you. If they cannot, they will direct you to the appropriate resource.

Q: What is a contraindication?


In some cases, spinal decompression is not indicated and may be useless or even harmful. You can find the list of contraindications in the section “Chronic back pain”. In case of any doubts, call one of our agents at our information center (1-877-744-4141) to discuss.

Q: Am I required to perform treatments if I am considered a good candidate for decompression?


Not at all. The decision is yours. At any point in the process, you can choose not to start treatment or to terminate it. 

Q: Can I trust the testimonials that I read on your website?


All the testimonials we publish, whether on television, in newspapers or on our website are genuine. None of these people were paid in exchange for their testimonials. These are true stories of our patients who were willing to share their experience in Zero Gravity ClinicsTM to help others who suffer from similar problems.

Q: Are there any patients for whom the treatments don’t work at all?


In approximately 15% of our patients, the results are considered unsatisfactory. In this percentage, some get no results, but there are results sometime. Despite our triage system and rigorous analysis, it is impossible to predict exactly how each case will respond to treatment. Similarly, no medical doctor can usually guarantee results on a medication, surgery or chemotherapy…Everything is carried out so that you get the best possible results, because we take your well-being, as well as our reputation very seriously.

Q: What can I do if I live far from your clinic?


We currently have four clinics: Quebec, Montreal, Laval and Brossard. If you live outside these areas, you can still follow the treatment by staying with relatives and friends, or just by taking a temporary residence. Many of our patients have solved this problem this way, enabling them to receive care.

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